Watch Mister WA's latest theatrical trailer for Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinemain San Francisco ! This clip was produced in collaboration with Oddball Films Archives. Mister WA's creative sponsor reels have been opening and closing each BHOC festival screening night since 2006.

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PEARLS OVER SHANGHAI is exgended, AGAIN ! Watch Mister WA's theatrical trailer for Thrillpeddlers. PLAYING March to July 2014 in San Francisco !


Thrillpeddlers Newsletter (March 2014)

"We premiered Mister WA's "Pearls" preview video at our season launch last month and now I'm sharing it with you.  WA began working with Thrillpeddlers as Pearls' videographer in 2009.  Since then he has archived all of our Cockettes musicals and created many previews and clips for TV news stories about our shows.  He documents the whole journey in his upcoming feature length documentary Children of the Cockettes."





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