Mister WA has been periodically participating to Burning Man events in Black Rock, in San Francisco and around the world since 2002. This 2015 episode of our bi-monthly Talk Show is a great recap of things Burning Man as it investigates Esplanade veteran camp DUSTFISH from within and includes 2009 - 2015 WA Archives discussed by DUSTFISH guests Opal Essence and Mama Dora.

In 2018, we powered up this video fundraiser clip for Myriapoda from the SF Mothership. Watch how this amazing Santa Cruz crew brings their centipede vision to the next Black Rock level via their Indiegogo campaign documnentary !

To celebrate Burning Man 2012 'Fertility', Mister WA produced, shot and edited this short film documenting the life of a very peculiar  Interactive Installation.

Since 2012, Narwhal Captain WA has been contributing media to the Profiles in Dust team. WA set up sound amplification for the band and is manning the wide angle tripod cam very first Burning Man funeral film sequence.

Mister WA is leading video projects at Community Arts Incubator M0xy. He supports Burners events such as this East Bay Burners presentation which he lit, amplified and documented.

Marie Camille & Jonesy Jones' Wedding Spectacular. An original Burners Community Event.

 A roaring group number from the Dustfish Stage 2015

Mister WA has been providing videography to the communications team documenting the annual Burning Man General Leadership Conference in the Bay Area. In this clip, we provided studio design and camera work to a conversation between Burning Man founder Larry Harvey and former US Representative Dennis Kucinich, 2015 GLC, Kabuki Hotel.

A few fireside tunes from Black Rock City, DUSTFISH 2015

Mister WA's European roots and linguistics combined to his in-depth understanding of American sub-cultures and Burning Man lingo since his first attending in 2002 made him the perfect go-to for key German - English / English - German segments translation of this German Burners' documentary by Uli Peichert.

IndieGogo FundRaiser Campaign for the return of the Narwhal to the Playa, Burning Man 2013

Twilight Voyage of the Ark of Ozan-Ra

Sailing from the Man to the Temple of Whollyness, Pepe Ozan’s Ark, built for the 2002 Burning Man Opera and reborn as the Narwhal, led singers, art cars, acro-stilters, giant masks and other performers in a celebration inspired by the Operas of old and ancient Egyptian rites. Moving from Sun Fire through Dark Waters, the Ark transformed loss and disruption into joy and growth, helping Pepe and other recently departed join the grateful dead who pull the barque of the sun god through eternity.