Music Videos

Mister WA Productions is expert at capturing live music, events and performance in San Francisco for archival or quick turn-around social media delivery. Our regular media production for  The Jewish Music and Poetry Project and their world-class composer David Garner contributes to the creative documentation and funding campaigns of the lyrical ensemble. We have been managing their YouTube Channel where we periodically add entire recitals as well as sub-clips of individual pieces.

In a very different mode, here is street performer Shovelman at a Science Museum event.

Mister WA was out documenting the first PRIDE ROCK Queer Music Festival on Sunday June 14, 2015 at  SF Drag culture high-beam SF Oasis. Here's PEPPERSPRAY's homage to San Francisco punk classic band The Dead Kennedys.

Mister WA Productions also provides artistic direction, camera work and editorial from the ground up for artists such as Rumi Missabu of legendary San Francisco drag troupe The Cockettes.

More music  reports from the San Francisco underground scene Mister WA has been exploring with video since 2000.

January 2016. As San Francisco mourns the loss of David Bowie here's our rendition of the week's most poignant moment celebrated by The Sacred SilverSexual Church.