Photo of Benoit Lacasse courtesy of Ian Shreier
Photo of Benoit Lacasse courtesy of Ian Shreier


Mister WA’s fascination with media in all its subtle layers drove his curious mind to learn languages early in life and seek to understand OTHERNESS on its own terms. WA's pre-internet interest in planetary culture and universal music uprooted him early from his native Belgium, humble birth land of many a familiar SURREALIST and cartoon character,  and eventually drove him to North America for in-depth studies in U.S. Literature, Media & Culture, which he completed while immersing himself in JAZZ research and community RADIO activities. WA also pursued his own electronic music blends on turntables as radio host of Bassism for WEFT, Champaign-Urbana and WNUR  Chicago  audiences before bringing  his groovy soundscapes to San Francisco. It is when WA embraced video rhythms as the ultimate story-telling Esperanto that MisterWA Productions were born.

While nurturing his hands-on technical and management skills, WA has gotten to work with many Bay Area production professionals, including partnership with Streedmedia, an early web-video company originally focused on restaurant promotion, administrative and post-production support to seasoned media producer Vic Ferrerdevelopment and management of turn-key sound-stage The Producer’s Loft.  Alongside commercial projects, WA has nurtured a unique approach to creating video contents in service to performance Arts and progressive culture. While giving an original voice to the Bay Area and building cultural bridges through his consistent media documentation, Mister WA has deeply connected with many Bay Area creative communities who also collaborates with and showcases.


Mister WA's love for grassroots culture combined with global awareness, production expertise and hands-on resourcefulness guarantees your story gets told whichever the size and scope of production.

Don’t hesitate to call 415-420-9802 and let’s discuss your FILM or Event objectives !

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