Mister WA has been working with THRILLPEDDLERS since 2008 creating the theatre's VIDEO ARCHIVES, producing PSAs, trailer clips, retrospective screenings and taylor-cut video designs for their live musical theater. For more background on this fabulpus troupe, SF CHRONICLE'S Theater Critic Lily Janiak remembers how magic they were and lists our archival work in this EXCELLENT ARTICLE. Click here for PLAYLISTS organized by SHOW or scroll below for more of a chronological listing.

Here is Mister WA's latest short film about THRILLPEDDLERS' Cockettes revivals premiered at COCKETTES' 50th Anniversary Gala on January 4th, 2020.

A contingent of THRILLPEDDLERS' reunited on stage for The  COCKETTES's 50th anniversary Celebration.

As San Francisco real estate tsunami finally caught up with our underground treasure, here is a glimpse of the troupe's ADIEU to our beloved venue The Hypnodrome.

Mister WA Pop UP retrospective Film screened that same night.

'Amazon Apocalypse' or How the Devil Came to Save the Planet. A Semi-Staged Concert of a New Musical Fantasia. Scrumbly Koldewyn and Thrillpeddlers' LAST Creation ever presented at The Hypnodrome ! Enjoy both ACTS in their entirety.

'Amazon Apocalypse'  ACT 2

Our Trailer for Thrillpeddlers presents … Shocktoberfest 17: Pyramid of Freaks

17th Annual Extravaganza of Terror & Titillation.

Demon Train To Sodom, A World-Premiere Pulp Fiction Musical featured in Shocktoberfest 17 : Pyramid of Freaks (Act2, Part1). Original Music and Lyrics By Scrumbly Koldewyn. Accompanied by Vagabondage

Shot on November 17th 2016 at The Hypnodrome

Lead Segment in its entirety. Written by Rob Keefe. Directed by Noah Haydon. 

Shot on November 17th 2016 at The Hypnodrome.

HallucinatoRemix screened at ShocktoberFest 17 - Pyramid of Freaks Closing Night, Saturday 11-19-2016 based on the hallucinatory projections embedded in the THE HELLGRAMMITE METHOD segment of THRILLPEDDLERS" 'Pyramid of Freaks', a story written and adapted for Thrillpeddlers by William Selby. 

Pianoside Musings with Scrumbly Koldewyn in the early stages of

'Demon Train' creation presented 3 months later at ShocktoberFest 2016.

Our trailer for THE UNTAMED STAGE: Weimar Berlin Kabarett ' !

Five Minute Montage from Thrillpeddler's '
THE UNTAMED STAGE: Weimar Berlin Kabarett ' premiered at the company's closing night's Floorshow, Saturday June 11th at The Hypnodrome, San Francisco.
Includes Mister WA's 'Magic Theater' film segment featuring  'Angels of Lights' imagery from Jet Jilala's personal Super-8 archives. All Music by Scrumbly Koldewyn.

WATCH THE UNTAMED STAGE: Weimar Berlin Kabarett '. Both original Acts in their entirety !

Spring 2016. Our trailer kickstarts the Return of 'Club Inferno' campaign at THE HYPNODROME. This San Francisco Glam-Rock GEM based on Dante’s The Divine Comedy delighted hundreds of San Franciscans sinners.

Check out our 5-minute video Highlights from Club Inferno !

Our research in video AS performance is featured in  CURSE of the COBRA, Thrillpeddlers' Fall 2015 Shocktoberfest production. Our archival video medley includes elements from our cued Video Designs embedded in the show.

 Here the trailer we produced for the first Club Inferno media campaign and which we ran through the extension of this popular gender-bending show.

For the 'Jewels of Paris' musical review, we adopted a different style. announcing the Belle Epoque Parisian 30s inspiring this new original piece of Theater of the Ridiculous.

Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma report from Under The Golden Gate (2013)

Here's a 30 minute segment of  'Jewels of Paris' musical review. Editorial blend of 2 different performance nights in this 45-seats trendsetting Theater of the Ridiculous.

Thrillpeddlers presents a re-staging of 'Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma' (2013 Premiere), a musical production by The Cockettes, the gender-bending theatrical troupe that radically redefined the avant-garde in the ’60s and ’70s. Cockettes Pam Tent and Scrumbly Koldewyn have written a new book off of the show fragments originally presented in 1971 in New York, a 22-song musical spoof of Hollywood during the age of Art Deco. Tent, Koldewyn and third original Cockette Rumi Missabu perform alongside a rotating cast of 24 “all singing, all dancing, all cardboard Thrillpeddlers/Cockettes in this celebration of joy and transgression at the Hypnodrome. Enjoy ACT 1 !

Entire ACT 2 of the Premiere full-length, fully restored version of The Cockettes’ 1972 musical extravaganza, an original musical by Martin Worman and Scrumbly Koldewyn, produced in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the original production. 

This Cockettes 1972 reprise show was first expanded upon by composer Scrumbly Koldewyn and Thrillpeddlers in 2010. Here's 'Can't Stop Cheering, cur from the WA archives of the 2010 Production.

Here's the entire Act 1 of Thrillpeddlers' Cockettes Revival production of VICE PALACE, as Russell Blackwood's troupe keeps forging its unique blend of Theater of the Ridiculous.


On-the-road documentary with Thrillpeddlers' 2011 New York Tour, VICE PALACE performance at the OWL Festival and celebration of the inauguration of the preservation of Martin Worman's Archives at the New York Public Library.

Early incarnation of Thrillpeddlers' VICE PALACE  presented in 'Hot Cockettes' Revue (Act 2 of Hot Greeks, 2010).